Reviewing An Old School Fitness Trainer

schwinn 430Schwinn 430 elliptical trainer can be placed in your home gym and is ideal for fitness enthusiasts. It effectively works out your cardiovascular system, as well as your upper and lower body. This is a flexible machine because you can have it in a natural and fast pace. This will also follow the natural movement of your foot while you support your heel in the overall stride. With that, it will be easier for your knees and joints to move. In addition, this will also increase the capacity of your lungs while you are improving your well being, specifically your health. It also helps you in burning calories so in a short amount of time, you will not have to worry about the fat around your waist.

Schwinn 430 is a new model from Nautilus that is budget-free and one of the best selling elliptical trainers for this year. Schwinn 430 is a high-quality elliptical trainer that is loaded with many features. Currently, it is priced at $650.00

Here are the best features

1. Schwinn 430 elliptical trainer offers you eight computer-controlled resistance levels as well as eight programs for workout variety.

2. Included here are the six user-profile program, manual, and one calorie program goal.

3. The Bio Glide motion technology will allow you to easily change the level of resistance while you are changing to the next level.

4. Not just that, but its 18-inch stride will provide you with a comfortable feeling with the footpads and handlebars.

5. Schwinn 430 was designed biochemically. This is one of the reasons why it is a comfortable and a natural elliptical path for your workout.

6. The flywheel has a high inertia for consistent and natural workouts.

7. The over-sized stabilizers and levelers are for your solid workout.

8. The differences in other Schwinn models are the LCD, the AC power, its grip HR monitor, the programmed workouts, and the warranty.

Other features

  • a water bottle holder
  • a magazine rack
  • transport wheels
  • compact footprint 59 inches long by 26 inches wide by 68 inches tall

Some issues…

Schwinn 430 operates very quiet and smooth, and has been a surprise to users who have bought one. There are some negative reviews on this machine, but it is normal, and no big deal. The only negative feedback for this trainer is that the LCD is very little, or they had assembly problems.

Professional testers have found out that the LCD display is already enough, and for the assembly, it’s not a problem with Schwinn 430. All you have to do is to follow the instructions manual very carefully.

Schwinn 430 vs. Schwinn 431

schwinn 430 vs schwinn 431Schwinn 430 has been discontinued and has been replaced with the Schwinn 431. These models are just the same, only with some differences. Check them out below:

Schwinn 430 and Schwinn 430 are both elliptical trainers for home. They are similar in some ways. On the other hand, they are different when it

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comes to their console and built-in workout programs. Schwinn 431 provides a little bit more features than Schwinn 430, but also possesses a higher price.


Both models are front-drive trainers meant for home use. They also include upper body arms in which you can do lower or full body workout. They also have wheels so that you can move the machine anywhere you want. Schwinn 431 includes added storage feature. Its arms can fold down for easier storage.


Both machines have the dimensions of 26 inches wide, 59 inches long, and 68 inches long. Schwinn 431 can accommodate heavier individuals up to 300 pounds while Schwinn 430 can only accommodate up to 275 pounds. The two models include 25-pound flywheels.


Schwinn 431 has a price around $999.00 but if you check on this link, you will be amazed that the price went down around $700.00

Schwinn 430, on the other hand, is priced at $659.00. You can check on this link to verify the price.

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Model models features a heart-rate sensor that lets you monitor your heart-rate. Schwinn 431’s console provides more functions compared to 430. It has a blue display, built-in mp3 holder, fan, and towel hook. Both models have a water bottle holder. You can adjust their pedal resistance in just a push of a button. You can select from 16 resistance level in which you can pedal forward or backwards.

Program Consoles

Both machine have a manual function in which you can manage the

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resistance while working out. 430 provides 6 built-in profile workout while 431 provides 10. Both models include a calorie-goal program where you can set how much calorie you want to burn. Schwinn 431 has 3 heart-rate control programs: 60 percent to 70 percent, 70 percent to 80 percent, and 80 percent to 90 percent. The machine will adjust the intensity of your exercise to maintain your heart-rate in the zone of target.

More about it here…

Comments from Users

I made the right choice.

I am quite satisfied with the price. I am impressed with the workout I got from this elliptical trainer. It’s quite a heavy machine, so have someone with you. You will be happy when you ride with it. There are some assembly required but you can easily figured it out with the help of the manual. Happy hunting! – Scott


Best elliptical trainer under 1000 dollars.

For its features and price, given the quiet operation, features and stable feeling, this elliptical trainer is worth the consideration. Just like a shoe or a golf club, the machine has to match the person’s needs. Ensure that the length of the stride and elliptical motion match your needs. – Eagle Vision


Great machine!

Great machine and price. We had ProForm elliptical trainer that was gift and it did not last long. You can never go wrong with Schwinn 430 for $650.00. This item was delivered in my front door on schedule. Good job Nautilus! – Stone P.


Easy to assemble!

I had no problems with the assembly of this machine. I managed to assemble it within 2 hours, and I am female! The manual was easy to understand and the parts are properly labeled. This is the first time I have an elliptical trainer, and I admit it, this is an excellent value with the features you have. – JGS350


Can't say enough good things about this model!

My Schwinn 430 is very quiet and smooth – no clicks, squeaks, and any other noises. I am a heavy person and I am very close to the maximum weight limit of the machine. But still, it doesn’t wobble. It feels so sturdy and stable. – Ticketbndr

Ratings from other review sites – 4.5 stars – 4.5 stars

Fitness-Equipment-Source – noted as Excellent Budget Elliptical – 4 stars – 4 stars – 4 stars

The pros and cons:


  1. This is a quiet machine
  2. You will hear no squeaking
  3. You will hardly need the handle bars
  4. You will feel at ease while working out
  5. The machine creates no stress


  1. The set-up takes an hour or more
  2. Some parts are harder to adjust
  3. The heart monitor will take a while settling


  • For people who want to get fit and healthy
  • For people who want a budget-friendly yet high quality machine
  • For those people who want a home elliptical trainer

Although there are a lot of models and units of Schwinn, this Schwinn 430 can also offer a lot of great features

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and health benefits. With the flexibility and superb quality of Schwinn 430, you will regret nothing.

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