This Trainer is One of the Greatest Or Not Anymore

proform 6 0 elliptical trainerAn ever-challenging workout has been found with the ProForm 6.0 ZE elliptical trainer. This is said to be one of the most creative inventions to offer you a smooth and convenient cardio workout. This is ideal for all fitness levels.

When people hear the name ProForm, they typically think of a treadmill. This is because ProForm has revolutionized the treadmill industry. They have continued their tradition by introducing the world to new fitness machines. Now, more and more people rely on the effective results of these ellipticals.

This trainer is priced reasonably, and standard elliptical machine used by people wanting to exercise at home.

The Best Features

It is perfect for individuals who need a low-impact exercise. This elliptical machine is used to simulate the exercise of walking or running, but with no impact on the knee and joints. Check out the best features of this elliptical below:

Is It Easy to Use?

Of course! This elliptical is easy to use. This is one of the most user-friendly machines on the market. With its comprehensive LCD display, readout workout programs, and digital resistance, you got everything you need. The LCD monitor offers numerous readouts like calories burned, heart-rate, and time elapsed. Its digital resistance allows you to check out the intensity of the workout.

Is It Easy to Maintain?

Most users reported that they have been using this Proform elliptical trainer heavily every day without any maintenance issues. On the other hand, it is imperative that the user should check the machine regularly. If taken care properly, this machine will last for a long time.

Does It Provide Effective Results?

This trainer is in the mid-range price compared to other elliptical trainers. With its 12 workout programs, it will deliver a good quality cardiovascular exercise. Many users report a good workout with little issues. When you make this machine a part of your life, it will help you achieve your workout goals.

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Proform 6.0 ZE vs. ProForm 850

ProForm 850 is the perfect elliptical trainer to compare with ProForm 6.0 ZE. To make the long story short, listed below are the summary of features of ProForm 850:

Important Note: You should understand that both versions give you the same exercise effects. Schwinn made them to be distinctive from each other to offer their clients many options concerning their exercise demands. Now that you understand their minor distinctions, you should know what unit is the best for you.

Comments from other users…

Best budget elliptical trainer!

There are many good things to be said about this machine. Of all elliptical trainer I have tried, this one has the best stride. One function that I really like is the lowest resistance setting still provides some resistance levels. This model is comparable to most gym ellipticals. – James H.


Can’t beat the price…

In general, I am vert happy. I bought this because my ageing ankles could not stand the pounding of jogging on the treadmill any longer, and an elliptical trainer is perfectly the nearest you can get to running without having to battle the thumping of jogging. I highly recommend this machine. – Hair B.


I am surprised!

This elliptical trainer is well-built. It operates smoothy. I am very amazed with the sturdy feeling when I am using the machine. It’s doesn’t shake or move. – Grez


You get what you pay for!

I was stunned at how durable the equipment was when I got on it. It's unshakable, which you will not count on when you consider the price. I've read several evaluations where everyone was moaning about it wobbling then I realized that they're working with it on carpet… – Greco T.


Great product!

Extremely steady and durable if assembled appropriately. Occupies less space compared to the elliptical machines in fitness centers. Smaller compared to treadmill machines. Cost is very affordable. Fan is useless. Instructions for set-up are great. We assemble it in 2 hours without any help. – Puma

Ratings from other sites… – 5 stars – 4 stars

Fitness-Equipment-Source – 4.5 stars – rated as Budget-Friendly Elliptical – 4 stars – 4.5 stars – 4 stars – 5 stars

The pros and cons


  1. It has a natural stride
  2. It has a very low resistance setting
  3. The elliptical guarantees a quiet and smooth workout
  4. The bolts can be easily tightened and loosened
  5. It has a amazing stability
  6. This is solid and compound


  1. The fan can become weak
  2. The heart rate grips are sometimes inaccurate
  3. The information is not clearly displayed


  • Recommended for someone who is looking for a quality and budget-friendly elliptical trainer
  • Someone looking for a low-impact workout
  • For those who want to be fit and healthy
  • And for parents who are busy and don't have the time to go to the gym

In general, this elliptical trainer appears to offer the best value for the price tag. Numerous users have reported that this equipment works as well as high-end elliptical trainers. This particular equipment offers numerous luxury functions while still providing a good exercise.

It is a significant trainer that gives you a ton of noticeable results. You can rely on this trainer, because more and more people are using this sort of machine to achieve their fitness goals. This elliptical can be used inside your house, in your garage, or in any place you are comfortable to workout. This is one of the best choices for all fitness age groups. If you want to know more about this product, you can visit through this link for more details and information.

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