Comparing The Best And The Worse Features

gazelle edgeImprove your muscles, burn calories, and tone your muscles with Gazelle Edge. This will simultaneously work on your lower and upper body. This is particularly ideal for all people who want to tone their muscles, burn calories, and improve their cardiovascular

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system. This is a one-of-a-kind invention that will not pressure you in any range of motion. You can go in a slow walk or in a full run. This will not pressure all your joints.

Gazelle Edge has a very satisfactory rate when it comes to the canvassing, particularly in the internet. This machine appears to be a basic exercise tool that helps promote your health and your body. You will not get confused with its overall function because you can easily understand how this works by reading the manual. Though there are times that you need to take a minute to understand how to assemble it properly.

The Best Features

1. You can easily use Gazelle Edge because it has computerized screen for your convenience. It can provide you with immediate feedback on your speed, time, distance, as well as on how many calories you burn. On other workout machines, you will not be able to easily use the computerized screen. Most of them will give you a lot of confusion and raise a lot of questions regarding your performance.

2. The dual-action split suspension is patent. It can provide you with a complete range of motion exercises as well as the freedom for your movement. It can hold about 250 pounds and it has a 1-1/2-inch gauge steel construction.

3. You will never be disappointed with the platform of Gazelle Edge because it is wide and you can work out more comfortably. This can add to your

stability because you can perform appropriately and properly. There will be no tight spaces with your workout.

4. The handle bars of Gazelle Edge are covered with foam. The foam is not just a typical foam that you can see in the market. It is high-density and you can never go wrong with this. Your hands can not just slip while holding onto the handle bars. You can also avoid accidents because the handle bars will hold you tightly. There are some machines that are slippery, and some handlebars do not have the foam feature.

5. This machine is very easily folded. This means that you will not get stressed while figuring out how you can keep it inside your storage room.

6. You do not have to worry how it affects your health and body. This will only give you a low impact in your workout.

Other features/technical details

  • Extra-wide nonskid foot platforms
  • You will have a fluid transition from a slow walk to a sprint
  • 1.5 inch rolled steel frame can support maximum user weight up to 250 lbs
  • Easy assembly and storage. As stated before, Gazelle Edge is a folding elliptical trainer..
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Weight capacity is 40 pounds

Gazelle Edge Vs. Gazelle Freestyle

You should know that both models give you cardiovascular workout that is less impact to your joints and muscles. The Gazelle Edge is a basic elliptical trainer, which is manifested to its price. On the other hand, the Gazelle Freestyle has some added features and more sturdy built. For more information on Gazelle Freestyle, click the link.


The dimensions of Gazelle Edge are 43 by 28 by 53.8 inches. It has the same length and height with Gazelle Freestyle, but it is 28 inches wide. Both models need to be assembled.

Weight Capacity

According to, Gazelle Edge can accommodate 250 pounds. On the other hand, Gazelle Freestyle can support 350 pounds.


Both models includes dual-action split suspension. Gazelle Edge has a computer display that shows all your stats except the heart pulse monitor, which Freestyle has.

Gazelle Edge is constructed with 1.5 inches of gauge steel and Gazelle Freestyle is constructed with 2.5 gauge steel. This makes the Freestyle more solid. However, both models have a difference of 1 inch only.


Gazelle Edge costs $129.00 before, and it went down to $79.00. You can confirm the price through this link. From $249.00, Gazelle Freestyle went down to $194.00. You can also check the price here.


Both models includes a 90-day warranty.

Some Difficulties

According to some users, both machines are bulky and hard to move around. Of course, they are folding elliptical trainers. But because of their bulkiness, they are hard to store under the beds or inside the closet.

Important Note: It is important to know that both models provide the same workout results. Gazelle made them to be different from one another to provide their customer some options when it comes to their workout needs. Now that you know their slight differences, you should know by now what model is best for you.

Comments from Gazelle Edge Users

This is a

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great little machine!

After trying out numerous elliptical trainer models, I finally decided to acquire the Gazelle Edge. This is a simple machine and perfect for my workout needs. – Jojoleb


Enjoyable, simple to use and effective machine!

I love this trainer. There’s

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no way you can beat the price. If you want your workout to be fun, then I recommend this model. – Elizebeth N.


Not bad.

The Gazelle Edge is very easy and fun to use. There are many Gazelle elliptical trainer available on the market, but this one is the best for my workout needs. Just use it regularly to attain your weight loss goals. – D. S. Russell


Really good machine!

If you like to exercise,

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then this elliptical trainer is right for you. Gazelle Edge will give you the workout your need. If you exercise with it regularly, then you will lose weight in no time. – Raymond A.


I have lost 20 pounds with this machine!

If you want to get healthy and lose weight, then Gazelle Edge is right for you. I love this machine and I have no problem at all. – Robert E.

A video on


Ratings from other review sites – 5 stars – 4.5 stars – 4 stars – 4 stars – 5 stars

Pros and Cons:


  1. This is light in its weight compared to other elliptical machines
  2. This is a good trainer for a beginner
  3. You have the option of low motion or full run
  4. This is complete in set up
  5. Smooth and quiet when in operation


  1. There is no built-in training programs
  2. This is not complete for work out


Believe in the amazing powers of Gazelle Edge and try to see for yourself how it affects you. In general, Gazelle Edge is recommended for those who want to be fit and healthy, and for those who need an affordable machine. With this machine, you can slim down while listening to music or watching TV. Working out has never been so enjoyable, but with Gazelle Edge, it is fun.