Best Ab Exercises For Better Body Shape

best ab exercisesThe most famous bodybuilders all over the world put special emphasis on building abs muscles and they believe that it is a very tough task. You can never imagine a bodybuilder with big arms and shoulder muscles and a fat belly. For a proper body shape, you need to perform best ab exercises along with other muscles building exercises.

Obtain Six Pack Abs By Performing Best Ab Exercises

Six pack abs are not that much difficult to develop if you know about some of the best ab exercises and if you perform them in a correct manner. Following are some of the best ab exercises:

Women can work on ball crunch exercise. For this you need is just an exercise ball and you are ready to go. Lie over the ball on your lower and lower middle back section, and then put both hand behind your head. Maintain your balance and move upper body upwards as much as you can. This exercise stretches ab muscles.

Another ab exercise is done as you lie on the floor and bring knees closer to chest with hands at the back of head or neck. Repeat this exercise again and again for some time and you will feel that your ab muscles are stretching.

You can also do vertical leg crunch at home. Just lie down flat on the floor and lift your legs ups with slightly bending knees. You can get support by placing hands on the floor. Also try to lift your shoulders as well. After a few seconds go back to starting positing and repeat the same process again.

Some people also like tummy tuck exercise. This is just a breathing exercise where there is no need for getting into different positions. Just sit on a chair and inhale breath and try to pull your stomach in as much as possible. Hold it there for some time and then repeat again. Then release your stomach and breathe normally. Repeat this exercise for about 10 times per day.

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