A Quick Tip on Ab Exercise

reverse crunchWhile looking around you will learn that people throughout the world aim at obtaining well-tuned body. People only desire to have a well-shaped body, but they do not want to work hard to fulfill their desires. An individual can easily lose weight by performing certain Abs Exercises.

Abs Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Abs exercises are popular as people want six pack abs and want to look pretty and confident. Getting six pack abs helps them become socially acceptable. These exercises are performed to get rid of extra belly fat. Following are some very effective abs exercises:

  1. 1. One effective exercise is known as Plank, in this exercise you put all body weight on your arms and bend your body in push up position. Then hold your abs back for 30-40 seconds and then release. Repeat this practice again and again with small intervals. Side plank is also a very effective exercise to obtain quick results.
  2. In reverse crunch, you lie down on a bench and bend your knees. Then use abs to bring knees close to chest as much as possible. This exercise is done in short reps. Vertical crunch is much similar to reverse crunch. In this exercise you lie on floor and raise your legs towards the roof. Then lift shoulders up by placing hands at the back of neck.
  3. You can also do climber with Swiss ball by taking push up position and placing hands over Swiss ball. Then slowly pull abs in and raise right leg in direction of chest. Hold this position for few seconds and then return back to starting position.

For people who want to avoid stress on their back, exercise ball crunch is the best exercise for them. Just lie down on the ball on your back and move your torso up to put pressure on abs. The most important thing is to keep your balance.

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