Female Exercises: 5 Ways to Exercises Your Abdominen

Abdominal ExercisesTo have a perfect looking stomach, you must perform abdominal exercises for almost 15 minutes a day. Males do not get attracted to females who have excessive stomach fat. Abdominal exercises will help females give their upper torso a better shape and size and will help women look beautiful and attractive.

There are different types of abdominal exercises. Most of these exercises don’t need any sort of equipments like dumbbells. You only need to make certain moves to perform the exercise. Following are some of the best exercises for middle part of the body:

Bicycle Exercise:

The best start up exercise for women is Bicycle exercise. You must know that this exercise can not remove your fats completely but they aid you in giving yourself a better look and keep you healthy and fit.

Captains Chair Leg Raise Exercise:

Another very effective exercise for abs is Captains Chair Leg Raise. In this exercise you use a machine on which you hang and keep your knees bent for some time and repeat this action again and again. This exercise has a direct impact on your abs and you can feel the impact while you perform this exercise.

Ball Crunch Exercise:

You might have seen a big ball in all fitness centers. This ball is known as Exercise Ball. Ball Crunch exercise is gaining popularity day by day and the results are much better than ordinary floor crunches.

Vertical Leg Crunch Exercise:

Some fitness clubs also recommend Vertical Leg Crunch for waist and perfect six-packs.

Long Arm Crunch Exercise:

One of the most difficult exercises for abs is Long Arm Crunch where you have to stretch and straighten your arms behind you. You have to spend ample amount of time to gain perfection in this exercise.

The different kinds of abdominal exercises give you perfect waist and better looking abs. Keep devoting time to these exercises and you can obtain your objectives very easily.

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